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History of Aberdeen Cattle

The early history of Aberdeen-Angus, like that of many of our domestic breeds, is lost in the unwritten annals of the agricultural era of the 17th and 18th centuries. It appears, however that the Angus breed sprang from the native wild harmless cattle of northern Scotland. The best available evidence indicates that the fountainheads of the breed were in the Brechin district of Angusshire and the Buchan district of Aberdeenshire. From the polled cattle of the Angus and the Hummel (hornless) cattle of the Aberdeen, there can clearly be traced the present Aberdeen-Angus breed and it is from these cradles that the breed takes it name.
It is in the United States and Canada that the Aberdeen-Angus breed has made its most outstanding progress. The first importation of Aberdeen-Angus into the United States was made in 1873 by George Grant, a native of Banffshire, Scotland, for his Kansas farm. These bulls were crossed with the native Texas cattle of the Longhorn Variety. The result of this cross is the Black Angus of today.
The hornless Black Angus is easily identified by a coat of black, short stumpy legs, and a stumpy neck. Today you will find these cattle literally running away with top awards in competition with all breeds.
Here at the Black Angus, you are served this award-winning beef. All our beef is hand-picked and is aged to perfection in our own coolers.
We hope that you will enjoy dining here and will tell your friends of the Black Angus noted for the finest meats that America produces.
It is a pleasure to serve you.

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